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Master Healer + Clarity + Positivity + Health 

All hail Clear Quartz, the master healer. This incredible crystal will amplify energy and clear stagnant energy from a space, room and even other crystals. 

Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the positive energy that flows with Clear Quartz is magical. The healing powers of this crystal make it a 'must have' rock in any home. It's ability to absorb, store, release and regulate energy is unlike any other crystal. Clearing the mind of negativity, Clear Quartz can enhance awareness and improve one's perceptions.

Highly beneficial in spiritual healing, Clear Quartz can be programmed to assist in enhancing personal growth and awareness. 

Clear Quartz works with all chakras, but especially the Crown Chakra, your energetic passageway to your higher self.

All crystals have been Reiki charged and cleansed with Palo Santo.

Please note that sometimes your crystal will vary from the picture shown as all rocks are unique in shape, size and colour.