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Wealth | Career | Prosperity | Happiness | Abundance

Golden, bright Citrine is the rock of wealth, abundance and prosperity. This crystal will give you the energy and confidence to go forth and conquer. Keep those dreams alive - you got this!

Known as the 'Merchants Stone', Citrine is incredible to use for powering your career up a notch or giving you the optimism to pursue your dreams. It is THE rock to use for manifesting financial wealth and get that money flowing into the bank account.

Place it on your desk/workspace; in your office; in your cash drawer; or in your money space. Hold it or or have it close by when setting intentions, especially during a New Moon.

Citrine with all its warmth, high vibin' energy, positivity, and confidence will help reassure you that your dreams are achievable and that you can bring them to life. 

Citrine works with the Solar Plexus - your source of energy and confidence.

All crystals have been charged under a full moon and Reiki cleansed.