PINK ARAGONITE POINTS - Intuitively Chosen

PINK ARAGONITE POINTS - Intuitively Chosen

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Compassion | Love | Happiness | Stability | Peace | Harmony

Pink Aragonite is surrounded by an aura of romance, charm, and happiness. It holds incredible power over the heart, and is beautiful to work with to strengthen the Heart Chakra. 

Use Pink Aragonite to bring peace, trust, understanding and compassion to your life. Or meditate with it to cultivate unconditional love and patience within yourself. 

Pink Aragonite is a soft and compassionate stone that invites creative vibes, fresh ideas, and a peaceful sensitivity to your Crown Chakra. 

All crystals are cleansed with Palo Santo and Reiki charged.

Please note all crystals are made from natural stone and have small inclusions and cracks. This is all very normal. 

Mini points are approx. 6-9cm high. and between 50-65g.

Small points are approx. 7-10cm high and between 80-95G

point will be intuitively chosen for you.