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Made from 100% pure Black Obsidian.

Crystal pleasure wands are intended to help you cultivate a deep sense of love and connection with your heart, body, mind and soul. Crystal wands are a magical tool to be used to explore the art of self and partnered pleasure.

They have many uses for the body, not just the Yoni, and can be used for full body massage, bringing a sense of sacredness to your pleasure time. By using crystal wands we can open up ourselves to powerful healing with the properties of the crystal, releasing blocked and stagnant energy held in our bodies, opening up and clearing our chakra points, enjoying a state of pure pleasure, surrender, orgasm and a deeper awareness of self and the connection we have to our divine body.

By setting an intention before using your crystal pleasure wand, you can become more connected to your spiritial self, desires, needs and emotions.

The Slim and Traditional crystal wands are a great shape and style for beginners.`

Black Obsidian properties:

Black Obsidian is highly protective stone to shield against negativity. It has stabilising and grounding qualities to help reign in scattered energies, dissolve emotional blockages, clear confusion and bring clarity to the mind. This powerful, intense and transformational stone will take you on a deep, internal journey of self discovery. With its supportive and truth enhancing qualities, Black Obsidian will help reveal and identify your shadow side, so you can clear and release these darker energies safely. Promoting strength and compassion, it stimulates personal growth.

All crystal wands are cleansed with Palo Santo and Reiki charged prior to sending and come in their own pouch for safe keeping. Please note all crystal wands are unique and will differ from the image shown.

Please check the care instructions in our FAQs prior to using and for after care and usage information.

Size - 17cm long x 4cm wide end and 2.5cm thin end

* Please note that SaucyMoo does not take responsibility for any accidents, injuries or medical bills that may occur from use, misuse or damage of any products. Use of our products, including both external and internal is at the customers discretion. Please consult your doctor before use if you have any medical conditions or concerns.