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NEW MOON personal space mist 

Spritz around your personal space, your body, your face, your pillow + linens during the new moon lunar cycle. Simply breathe in the natural aroma and let the oils work their magic.

NEW MOON is infused with a citrine point crystal, the abundance crystal, and contains pure essential oils - litsea, black pepper, rosemary, juniper berry, cilantro, geranium, Tangerine, clary sage, aloe vera witch hazel and purified water. 

New moons are a time to reset, realign, and set goals and intentions for the upcoming month and future. The oils in this blend will help you get clarity, and are wonderful for manifesting your true desires. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want during the new moon. You must ask in order to receive.

Containing 100% natural ingredients and certified therapeutic grade essential oils - no chemicals, toxins, parabens, fillers, synthetics or nasties - just pure goodness from Mother Nature.

 * In very rare circumstances, essential oils may clog the atomiser, if this happens, please contact me and I will send you a complimentary replacement. It is also advisable to keep your oils out of direct sunlight.