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GROUND essential oil roller

GROUND essential oil roller, like it's big brother the mist, is a deep, grounding blend to help you feel connected and centred to the space and environment around you.

Infused with black tourmaline crystal fragments, the stone of protection, it contains pure essential oils - vetiver, myrrh, frankincense, arborvitae, patchouli, sandalwood, marjoram + fractionated coconut oil.

The emotional properties of this blend include centring, truth, physicality, sacred devotion, divine grace and connection to Mother Earth. It is a strong blend for protection, optimism, connection to spirit and can help remove energy blockages, especially in the lower chakras.

Roll on the soles of your feet, your lower back, lower abdomen, or whereever you feel you need grounding. Simply breathe in the natural aroma, let the oils work their magic and feel balanced, grounded and connected. Great to use before a deep meditation or spiritual practice, to get you out of your own head and bring you back to earth. 

Use as often as needed. 

Containing 100% natural ingredients and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils - no chemicals, toxins, parabens, fillers, synthetics or nasties - just pure goodness from Mother Nature.

 * Please consult your GP or physician if you are taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding before using. It is advisable to keep your oils out of direct sunlight.