Please note - ALL orders will be dispatched AFTER 1st June 2022.


There are several ways we you can work with me -

~ Astrology sessions - birth chart consults and mentoring

~ Reiki + Sekhem distant healings

~ 1:1 mentoring - individual sessions and packages

~ Reiki Level 1 Training attunements - in-person and online

Please see below to book a birth chart consult, distant healing or 1:1 mentor session or my Reiki Training page for upcoming events. 

I look forward to working with you and weaving some magic.

Love, Mia xx


Foundational Birth Chart Reading - 90 mins $222 - BOOK HERE

During a Foundational Birth Chart reading we dive into your birth chart and look at your big three placements - Sun, Moon and Rising, plus your Chart Ruler (the planet that rules your chart). We will also look at other key placements in your chart. This reading will give you deeper knowledge, insights and guidance into your own unique cosmic blueprint - 90 minutes. 


1:1 Energy Healing Session - 60 mins $222 - BOOK HERE

During a 1:1 Energy Healing session, we connect in a beautiful, sacred and safe space via phone or Zoom to discuss anything that is coming up for you. Each session will be unique to you and your needs on the day, and will include a card reading, plus may include a guided meditation, energy clearing, personal astrology, sound healing, oil and crystal guidance, Reiki and Sekhem energy healing.

These sessions are intuitively guided to help you dissolve any blocks in certain areas of your life, and to empower you to move forward and create the life you want.


1:1 Birth Chart Deep Dive Session Package - 3 x 90 min sessions $600 - BOOK SESSION 1 HERE

A 3 session package for a deeper healing journey and exploration of your birth chart and cosmic blue print. During each 1:1 session, we connect in a beautiful, sacred and safe space via Zoom to weave magic and discuss anything that is coming up for you. In each session we will dive into your energy and essence to uncover and dissolve any blocks that are holding you back from creating the space to allow love and magic into your heart and soul, so you can live your best life. Using your birth chart and personal astrology, we uncover the many layers of who you are are your core and who you are here to be.

Sessions are unique to you and your needs.

Please note, that you will be able to book the first session via this platform, then we will book the next two sessions when we chat.