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Welcome to SAUCYMOO!

A saucy business created to celebrate the feminine and remind women to be kind to themselves.

Struggling with anxiety for many years, I was looking for ways to naturally support my mental health, to bring a sense of ease and calm to my life. Enter essential oils, crystals, self-care rituals, and plant magic - hippy s*%t, but not just for hippies.

An Astrologer, Reiki and Seichim Master, I also offer 1:1 space holding/energy healings, Reiki/Sekhem distant healing sessions and birth chart consults. Holding space for you to share, be yourself and release any stagnant energy, these guided and intimate sessions are so beautifully gentle and healing. 

SAUCYMOO is my way to pay it forward and help you find your joy, your calm and embrace every beautiful, saucy little part of yourself.


Mia xx


We live in a fast-paced, crazy world, doing the best we can with what we've got and not giving ourselves nearly enough credit or self-love. Mummas, you hear me?

My motto at SAUCYMOO - be kind to yourself. 

Imagine if we embraced and focused on the bits we love about ourselves as much as we tend to hone in on the things we don't like, what a beautiful carefree life we would be living. 

My products incorporate all the natural goodness Mother Nature has to offer - essential oils, crystals, and plant magic - to help your day to day life become a little easier. To help your body, your mind, your soul return to its natural state of balance and alignment (and yes, I can help your little babes too!).

Initially created to support mental health, build confidence, acknowledge self-worth and enjoy dreamy nights, my range has expanded to provide natural remedies for a healthier way of living for you and your whole family. 

Using 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, ethically and sustainably sourced; organic witch hazel; crystals and plants; my products are free from harsh chemicals, toxins, parabens, fillers and synthetics and are all made to order by hand and with love. 

I care about nature, I care about our planet and I care about what's best for you and your tribe. So be kind to yourself and get some SAUCYMOO.