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Crystal Wands FAQs

Please find below some frequently asked questions about our range of crystal wands. If there's something you want to know but can't find it here, please email me

Please see below for safety information.

Q. Are your wands pure crystal?

A. Our crystal wands are made from 100% pure crystal with no toxins, chemicals or nasties.

Q. Can crystal wands be used internally?

A. Yes. Our wands have been created with the intention of being used for internal use. Each wand is checked for quality to ensure smoothness and no cracks or chips. If you find a chip or crack, please take a photo and notify us within 24 hours of receiving your wand.

Q. Are crystal wands porous?

A. The crystal wands we use are made from pure crystal - rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst are non porous. Other stones may be minimally porous meaning it would be very difficult for liquid to seep through into and all wands are safe for washing in water. 

Q. Can I use lubricant with my wand?

A. Yes, you can use oil and lubricant on your wand. I recommend fractionated coconut oil as a lubricant as it is safe for the crystal wand and safe to use internally.

Q. How to clean my crystal wand?

A. Prior to using your pleasure wand or toy for the first time, please wash using a mild soap in warm or hot water (avoid using boiling water as it may cause some crystals to crack). You can also wash your wand in a bowl of warm salted or purified water with essential oils (lavender, tea tree or geranium) - leave for at least one hour to cleanse and energise. Please note our toys are not suitable for dishwashers.

Your pleasure wand or toy should be washed in warm water before and after each use and stored safely in the pouch provided. Please be mindful that wands can be slippery when wet - they may crack, chip or break if dropped - keep a towel handy to place them on after washing and take special care.

Q. How to energetically cleanse my crystal wand?

Crystal wands and toys can be charged under the full moon and cleansed with Palo Santo, White Sage or any other cleansing herbs of your choice. Cleansing and blessing your wand or toy and setting an intention for your self pleasure practice prior to each use is a beautiful way to initiate this deeply intimate and sacred ritual.

Q. How to store my wand?

A. Store you crystal wand in the storage pouch that it comes with and make sure you clean it before and after each use.

Q. My crystal wand is so cold?

A. Crystal wands can feel cold initially. You can use them cold (even place it in the fridge prior to use) for extra kink and pleasure, or run it under hot water to warm it up. During use, your crystal wand will heat up to your body temperature and will hold the temperature for some time.

Q. Does internal use of a crystal wand hurt?

Crystal wands are hard but can bring a whole new level of pleasure and sensation to your self love ritual. They do not hurt, and you should also allow your body to guide you when first starting to use a crystal wand. You can use the wand on the outside of your body to build up the pleasure prior to penetration.

Q. Is my crystal wand breakable?

A. Crystal wands are fragile and breakable, so please take special care when handling and washing your wand. Crystal wands are strong, but will break if dropped. SaucyMoo cannot be held responsible or accountable if you break your wand. If you drop or break your wand please do not continue using it. You can continue to work with the crystal or bury it outside and give the energy back to the earth.