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Calming | Soothing | Relaxation | Meditation | Zen

If you need some calm in your life, then Amethyst is the crystal for you. All about zen, this rock will help soothe and relax you when you need it most. 

Amethyst helps purify space of negative vibes, and creates a safe environment to calm and soothe sensitive emotions and anxiety. It will help clear your mind of clutter, and it looks gorgeous in any room!

Pop it on your bedside table to help with insomnia; hold it when you meditate; keep it close by to help soothe anxious thoughts; place it on your desk or in your lounge room if you are studying or stressed out. 

A fantastic crystal for kids and teens to help calm and de-stress during exams or with homework. 

Amethyst works with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras in meditation.

All crystals are cleansed with Palo Santo and Reiki charged.

Approx. 427g and 9cm