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SaucyMoo Anxiety Crystal Kit
SaucyMoo Anxiety Crystal Kit with description


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Calming | Grounding | De-Stress | Reassurance | Clarity | Love

I am peace, I am calm, I am safe. I can breathe in, I can breathe out. This too shall pass. 

And breathe, the SaucyMoo Anxiety Kit has been carefully and thoughtfully curated to help you through those anxious moments when you feel helpless and scared. Helping you through the difficult times, there's a crystal in here to help you feel calm, safe and secure; these magical stones will help you ground, regroup and breathe. 

This SaucyMoo Anxiety crystal kit comes with six beautiful stones in a little drawstring bag and complete with a little information card. 

Pop the crystals in your pocket, your bra, in your bag, on your desk, on your bedside table, under your pillow, or simply hold in the palm of your hand and feel their magical vibes. The perfect size to carry anywhere.

Amethyst helps purify space of negative vibes, and creates a safe environment to calm and soothe sensitive emotions and anxiety. It will help clear your mind of clutter. Pop it under your pillow to help with insomnia.

Rose Quartz holds a gentle and loving energy, this stone will help with self-love, heart healing and forgiveness; creating harmony in relationships and helping one to express their emotions.

Sodalite is the stone of harmony, releasing fear and tension, and bringing balance. It awakens the soul and helps you connect with a higher consciousness. Promoting peace and tranquility, Sodalite is also a stone of logic. It is a great for expression and communication, stimulating the throat chakra. Sodalite will support your deepest dreams and help make them a reality.

Angelite is filled with compassion, transmuting pain and disorder into wholeness and healing. It emits gentle reassuring vibes to help you calm your farm. It promotes feelings of peace and tranquility, and encourages forgiveness. Angelite is your crystal guardian angel.

Howlite is a stone of awareness and a powerful calming stone. Helping you to focus your mind and process your emotions. This is a great stress relieving stone and will also help heighten perceptions. 

Black Tourmaline has the powerful ability to protect against negative energy - especially situations and people aka energy vampires - and helps set boundaries. It is good for purifying space and transmutes negative energy into positive energy, rather than absorbing negativity. It is grounding and balancing and helps you to feel safe and secure. 

All crystals have been charged under a full moon and Reiki cleansed.

Please note that your crystals will vary from the picture shown as all stones are unique in shape, size and colour.