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Organic and Australian WHITE GRANDFATHER SAGE is grown and harvested in the Alpine Region of Victoria. 

White Sage is a sacred cleansing, purifying and protective plant, clearing negativity inside and out. Once your body and space is blessed and purified, you can attune to a higher vibrational frequency.

Perfect for highly sensitive beings and empaths who collect energy. White Sage neutralises the positive charge and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere. leaving your space purified and cleansed, and you feeling calm and safe.

White Sage can be used to cleanse rooms, spaces, auras + crystals; they are great to use before a meditation; before or after a guest; at the onset or after a panic attack or emotional upheaval. You can't get it wrong! If you feel like saging, do it. 

How to use:

Carefully light the end of the sage using a match or lighter and allow it to burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Once the sage is smoking, start wafting the stick and smoke around the area or space you wish to cleanse.

If you are cleansing a space, ensure you reach all the corners of the room where stagnant energy can remain.

When cleansing yourself, your aura and your energy, start at your heart centre, then raise to your throat chakra, moving in slow circular motions. Waft around your face, your crown (above your head) and then slowly back towards the ground to cleanse energy, inhaling the gentle aroma as you go.

Ensure you have a heatproof bowl or shell to put the sage in to let it extinguish - or butt it out in a plant. It may smolder for a minute to two so do not leave it unattended.

You will get several burns from your White Sage.  


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A SaucyMoo Customer
Stephanie T.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
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Perfect for cleansing your space and ridding of any negative energy. I always feel so refreshed after burning the sage and Palo Santo. And the smell.... so divine.