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Full Moon in Virgo February 2019

Image via @_goldenhourprints

The Super Snow Full Moon in Virgo will be hitting us tonight, well technically she'll be in all her full moon glory at 2:37am tomorrow morning (AEDT) - 20 February 2019.

This full moon falls under the sign of Virgo - loyal, organised and tidy - and it is the biggest, brightest, shiniest moon we will see this year, and woah, is she hitting us with an energetic bang! 

In typical Virgo style, this moon means business. She's big, she's fierce, she knows what she wants. She's organised, she's powerful and she takes no prisoners. She is going to kick your a$%* into overdrive. This is a productive time and a great time to take action and get shiz done, but it may also bring inner conflict to the fore and you may have to face things you've been avoiding - it is for your higher good, so don't be afraid. Virgo's like things to be tidy and orderly, so cleaning up your life, your mind, your space is going to be very present around this time. 

My energy these past couple of days has been next level - taking serious action and being productive AF, but the energy around this moon will affect everyone differently. The energy might be too powerful for you to bare, it might kick you to the other side of getting things done, it might help you stop procrastinating, it might also scare the living crap out of you and you may feel you need to hide under the covers until it's over.

But this moon does gift us many things and there is opportunity to create big change. To step into our power and rise up if we so choose. This moon has intense, sexy energy - harness it's power and use it wisely.

Those things we've been questioning (or avoiding) doing, or questioning whether we can do them, NOW is the time to stand strong, put your crown back on, roll some JOY over your solar plexus, grab that citrine, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT! You are worthy of great things, and you deserve great things, there is no reason not to believe this. 

My full moon ritual is going to be about self care (standard) - but I feel that instead of relaxing, recharging, having a bath, or calming meditation, it's going to be about creating, writing, journalling, conscious meditation, and more productivity. One thing I do know for sure, is that it will involve my FULL MOON mist, smudging and all the essential oils!

Make sure you put your crystals out under the full moon light (weather permitting) or place them on a window sill so they can soak up the energy of this moon and be high vibin' and fully charged for you! If you have Palo Santo, give them a cleanse. Palo Santo not only removes negative and stagnant energy, but it invites in positive energy and flow.

You can also place your SaucyMoo mists or rollers on a window under the moon light to get their crystals fully charged, but be sure to move them before the sun hits them - oils and sun are not a great combo!

Love and magic angels, you got this. 

Mia xxx