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New Moon in Libra 2021

New Moon in Libra

Wednesday 6 October 10:05pm AEDT | 9:05pm AEST | 12:05pm BST | Thursday 7 October 12:05pm NZDT

Tonight we welcome in the New Moon In Libra. With the Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury all in the sign of Libra during this lunation, how we balance, harmonize and express ourselves within partnerships and relationships, including our relationship with self, will be illuminated.

Libra doesn't like conflict, she seeks justice and wants to keep the peace - the scales need to be balanced. She is poised and graceful, spreading love, seeking beauty, and calling in abundance.

New Moons are the beginning of the lunar cycle, and offer a wonderful opportunity to clear the slate, set intentions and focus our energies on what we truly desire moving forward. They provide a powerful portal for manifestion.

Prior to any New Moon or intention setting ritual, ensure you release any baggage/limiting beliefs/outdated thought patterns that are still within your field. Clearing your space, your energetic field and being in alignment is critical when calling in your deepest desires.

Mars will be conjunct the Moon and the Sun, creating a poweful portal for taking action, feeling confident in our convictions and being driven by our passions to the point of us wanting to dive in head first and "get it done". It could seem very exciting!

Mars will give us the courage to feel bold and ambitious when creating and setting goals, but we must trust Libra's calming energy to help us  balance the scales, keep our emotions in check and not let our passions run wild, especially if it's to our detriment.

She will help us with discernement and ensure that the change we wish to create, and the goals that we set are truly in alignment with our soul's calling.

With Mercury Retrograde also in Libra, we have time to slow down and carefully consider our options, especially when it comes to communication and expression within relationships and partnerships with others and our self. Ensure your passions don't get the better of you - lean in, re-read, re-check, re-consider any communications prior to sending.

Diplomacy and discernment are critical before making any major decisions or calling in desires. Ask yourself questions, call in your guides and trust the messages and answers  that come through. Our words are spells and they are powerful. Clarity is key.

The energy we have to work with during this lunation and these transits is incredible. There is so much opportunity to be in flow, and to balance our lives in a way that works for us - releasing any people pleasing tendancies and reclaiming our power. 

Ultimately, this is a powerful new moon to connect with ourself, call in our boldest, deepest desires and bring balance, harmony, beauty and abundance into our lives.

Ask for what you want, believe it to be true, and feel it as though it has already happened.

Happy New Moon lovers!

Love, Mia xx